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What is me?

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What is me?

Well.. Simply put, I am a content creator (of all sorts).. Basically, I create content for fun. Be it a mission for Arma 3, forum post, this blog or a video on YouTube, I create all sorts of things. And I love it! I am a professional programmer (that means I make money for a living being a programmer), I always inclined towards the IT world and computer science. But I never attended any lectures or studied anything related to pure IT. So everything I know and everything I am capable of doing (related to IT) - I learned myself from various online resources.

Today I am trying to motivate other (younger) people to do the same! We can learn much more from our own initiative and motivation, rather than when someone bashes information stimuli into our eardrums and eyeballs, expecting us to save it to our long-term storage immediately. Do what entertains you, what is fun to do and what keeps you interested in new and original concepts - that is the best drive one can have.

So if I had to summarize fast what I am in one sentence (with a lot of dashes): I am a gamer, programmer, computer enthusiast, problem solver, philosopher, alien believer, IT guru, hardware puzzler, streamer, technology addict, game developer, discussion lover. And there is much more inside this crazy package.

What do I do?

I was employed in a lot of different work sectors in my life. Only relatively recently I started to actually do what I always wanted to do. Before engaging those dangerous waters of starting my own firm I switched several positions. I was a factory operator, truck mechanic, prison guard, virtual reality arcade leader, warehouse picker, wireless and optic network specialist. To top it all of, I even learned how to dig a hole for sewage piping, how to build an Ytong wall, how to weld metal stuff together (without exploding anything), how to drive a semi-trailer truck (not the american pick-ups), why quality and usability of UI (UX) is important and how to deal with a client (who needs my service) without him getting emotional about it.

Today I am proud to have started my own path and now I am a single unit IT Head. And I can provide almost everything my client could need me to provide. And because this is my own path, I can enjoy doing all these creative things aswell.

Past creations

Right now, it's kinda messy.. There's a lot of prototypes, a lot of unfinished projects (some of them never publicly mentioned or released). So, I am in a clean-up process, trying to organize all the stuff (all the backups of backups holding the actual data now) and I am trying to create a simple format to show all these projects and things without any hassle or time-consuming work (which would only cause me procrastination). But we're talking about some windows game prototypes, one or two mobile game prototypes, several applications (or tools) to automate (or ease) work processes. There's a lot.

I am now a owner of a programming discussion forum. It's basically a place where I started to learn coding. Something I couldn't let to vanish, so I bought it from it's previous owner, just to keep it alive and maybe revive it again. It's members are kinda less active now, but the original vibe is still there. It holds a special magic, I can't express or define it anyhow, but the history behind keeps me tied to it and it is something I will never forget. The actual founder of the board may aswell be one of the reasons I started to learn programming, I thank him for that.

What now?

Keep yourself attached to this blog, I promise I will write more stuff to keep you interested. In the meantime, if a word "military" interest you anyhow, check out my latest workshop creations for game Arma 3 (military simulation game). Or you can check out some of my YouTube videos related to Arma - some of them may actually be funny.

Until next time, thank you for ingesting this information, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Yours truly, ffredyk