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So.. After many years of silence, I once again decided it's time to build some sort of a personal website / blog. After many previous attempts of such thing, this time I didn't spend much time building it. And from now on, I am presenting all the information and the insides of my brain in english language! It's a small step forward (at least I hope it is). It didn't make sense before - I've created content for non-czech users, but somehow all the background info was localized for czech users only. Now everybody will be able to read all the bullshit I am throwing at my screen now, because it's written in english.

So this is it?

Yup! I am going to try and keep this "blog" alive and updated as long as I have something to write about. So there is a high chance there won't be anything to write about and this blog will die again as it did many times before.. I am really motivated now though, so let's hope I won't bore you to death before you die from old age.